How CBD can help for Stuttering

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Stuttering.

We all have moments when our speech does not flow as well as we would like. People who stutter tend to be stuck with certain words and sounds that make it difficult to hold a conversation. This speech impediment can make people feel nervous and uncomfortable. It´s important to know that you’re not alone, and there are treatment, including the possibility of including CBD (cannabidiol) in your therapy regimen.

Stuttering is a disorder of communication and speech in which the individual has speech differences.

Stuttering is a disorder of communication and speech in which the individual has speech differences. You can identify stuttering by repeating syllables, sounds and words that disrupt the normal flow of speech. You will find people who stutter and know exactly what it is and what they want to say, but they have difficulty producing sentences.

Stuttering´s linked to tension due to shame, anxiety or fear. The physical tension that stutterers experience when flexing their speech muscles. For example rapid eye movements (such as constant blinking), tremors of the lip or face, or clenching of fists.

There are many different patterns of stuttering, ranging from mild to severe. It is difficult for people with this speech disorder to communicate with other people. As a result, the quality of your life´s often affected, as well as interpersonal relationships.

How CBD can help?

CBD causes the muscles to relax, which eliminates the interruption of speech when the affected person speaks, they stutters less. Stuttering often involves distress, anxiety and low self-esteem along with the repetition of spasmodic sounds. CBD can help solve these problems, so we can deduce that CBD will also help with stuttering problems.

Some studies have already shown that CBD can help reduce the severity and frequency of tics. A study showed that patients with Tourette syndrome who consumed CBD experienced an exceptional decrease of 80% of their tics.

Another study involved two patients with refractory TS and disabling diffluences. Giving CBD to the subjects, they improve in vocal, complex and motor tics, social contact, school performance and life quality. This indicates that CBD products can reducing the symptoms caused by stuttering in a natural way without psychoactive effects.

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