Ambrosia CBD E-Liquid


AMBROSIA CBD e-liquid  is a liquid refill solution for electronic cigarette WITHOUT NICOTINE and with the relaxing and antioxidant properties of CBD.

A solution for dosing CBD or Cannabidiol in an inhaled form thanks to the ease of vaping with the recharge of these comfortable electronic devices.

Its unique aroma and flavour of Cbd, Tobacco or Peach is obtained thanks to the natural terpenes of the plant contained in its formula, based on the natural extract of Hemp or Cannabidiol (CBD) in a dilution of Propylene Glycol (PG), the organic compound responsible for the steam is visible, and Vegetable Glycerin (GV). Ideal for those users who wish to dose CBD during the day where vaping can help relieve anxiety and daily stress, and even as a substitute or help to quit smoking.

Compatible with any electronic cigarette. DOES NOT CONTAIN NICOTINE.
Format: 10 ml – 50mg, 200mg or 400 mg

Ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, cannabidiol, flavouring substances.

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What composition does Ambrosia CBD e-liquid have?
Ambrosia CBD E-Liquid by Enecta is a vaporizing refill liquid 10 ml single-size solution based on propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV) containing CBD (Cannabidiol) and natural flavouring substances extracted from the plant itself. No NICOTINE

Available in 3 concentrations of CBD or Cannabidiol:

  • 50 mg (0.5%): Indicated for those users who wish to start CBD vaping or whose vaping frequency is high.
  • 200 mg (2%): An average concentration that allows dosing CBD in a controlled manner.
  • 400 mg (4%): The highest concentration in this old Ambrosia format for experienced users or those with a higher dose.

Ambrosia CBD e-liquids is also available in Peach and Tobacco flavour.

  • Cbd: Exclusive flavour. Achieved after analyzing the natural components of cannabis that can obtain this unique aroma.
  • Peach: Soft and sweet flavour, it brings a fruity aroma that makes it the most pleasant.
  • Tobacco: Classic, strong and intense tobacco flavour.

Benefits of vaporizing CBD:

While through digestion the active compounds have no choice but to go through the liver filter to access the major circulatory system, where they are drastically reduced. Through inhalation, it is possible to directly skip this barrier. Thus, by vaporizing CBD, it enters directly into the circulatory system through the lungs completely avoiding the first step effect.

Thus, the bioavailability of inhaled CBD by vaporization is up to four times greater (from 50 to 60%) than that of ingested CBD. Which implies that the same therapeutic effects can be achieved with a dose four times lower.

But the best bioavailability is not only about the markedly higher fraction of CBD that reaches the bloodstream to reach the brain, but about the speed with which it does. Since the CBD does not have to pass the slow digestion procedures by pulmonary route, it can reach its goal between 30 and 60 minutes earlier than orally. Therefore, making vaporization a highly efficient route of administration.

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