CBD Vape Recharger 2 Cartridges


Dr. Nice CBD Refill Kit

Storing the CBD vape liquid that is already in the syringe and the glass nozzle prevents messy handling and keeps the oil sterile and clean. Shantibaba has uniquely developed this organic liquid without using glycerin, PG or solvents, so it is only inhaling 100% organic plant material. Remember not to overtighten the ceramic nozzle on the cartridge once it is refilled.

Kit Contents:

– Syringe (CBD oil, 1.0 ml for 2 refills)
– Needle to fill

Product description:

The Dr. Nice CBD refill kit contains 1.0 ml of 46% liquid CBD used to refill the cartridges. Each cartridge contains 0.5 ml, so the kit fills cartridges x2.

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What is CBD vape liquid?

Vapers have been adopting CBD oil lately. There are so many health benefits associated with CBD, so many of us start vaping in the first place. Vape CBD juice serves as a good companion for your regular e-liquid. Even if you have no health problems, vaping CBD oil can make you feel even better. CBD oil will not elevate it, but it can help you relieve your mind and body.

CBD vape oil is any vape juice that contains CBD instead of nicotine. Some of them are pure additives that blend with their existing flavors, while others are premixed blends. CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants, which is shown to relieve a wide range of symptoms.

Will CBD vape oil make me feel high?

I still wonder, “will CBD vape oil make me feel high?” The answer is no. Most CBD vape juice is made from CBD isolate and does not contain THC, while others are made from raw hemp and contain small amounts of it. In both cases, CBD oil that contains up to the legal limit (0.3%) of THC is not yet psychoactive. Not to be confused with cannabis vape oil and cartridges containing THC.

What does the oil contain?

This product is made with 100% organic plant material

We do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals on our hemp crops. This is a 100% organic and vegan product.

What does the Canalanza 100% Satisfaction Guarantee mean?

We stand by our product and we are happy to give our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee when buying our products.
We guarantee that the CBD oil purchased through our online CBD shop meets the expressed specifications of the product. In case it doesn’t, please contact with our team at contact@canalanza.com

How can I buy CBD Vape Recharger 2 Cartridges online?

You can buy it here in our online CBD store. Simply select the quantity of items you wish to purchase above and click on “Add to cart”. The items will be added to your shopping cart and you can continue adding more CBD products, or go directly to the payment.

To which countries can Canalanza products be delivered?

We currently deliver to all of Europe. Place your order today and within days you’ll be able to enjoy one of the very best quality CBD products available in the world. If you are located outside of Europe or have any concerns regarding the delivery of this product, please contact: contact@Canalanza.com

How long does it take to deliver?

The delivery time depends on your location. We typically deliver to all of Spain within 3-5 days and the rest of Europe within 5-7 days. Before confirming your purchase in our online CBD shop, you will be provided with different delivery options and asked to select the delivery time and price of your choice.

What payment options are available to buy CBD Vape Recharger 2 Cartridges online?

We offer secure payment by credit card through Servired / RedSys.

Is CBD oil legal in the European Union?

All hemp used in the production of Canalanza CBD products comes from certified seeds by the EU. Cultivation of hemp in the European Union is legally permitted by not exceeding the limits in the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of 0,2% established by the European Union, in the Regulation (EU) No. 1307 / 2013 of the European Parliament and of the 17 Council of December 2013.

Important notice when buying CBD Vape Recharger 2 Cartridges from Canalanza

Store in a cool and dry place.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children.

WARNING: This product is not a pharmaceutical medication. If you suffer or have signs of pain, discomfort or any physical or mental illness, visit your specialist as soon as possible. Do not forget a healthy diet and consult your specialist doctor before using this product. This product does not attempt to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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