CBD Oil for Menstrual Pain by Osiris


CBD Aromatherapy Oil Relaxing Menstruation

Combat and alleviate menstrual pain with a special blend of organic black cumin oil, organic St. John’s wort, organic almond oil and organic jojoba combined with other essential oils and CBD extracts.
Gently massage one capsule on the lower abdominal area to nourish the skin and release the essential oils for a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

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CBD for menstrual pain Aromatherapy Oil from Osiris, is a blend of organic black cumin oil certified organic, organic St. John’s wort, organic almond oil and organic jojoba combined with high quality, mostly organic essential oils and CBD extracts. Combined thanks to the experience of international aroma care, the ingredients and their natural healing properties will help to heal the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, its supplemented with a share of the purest CBD extract. Obtained from the leaves of the hemp plant, it contributes to reducing both pain and anxiety/stress caused by menstruation.

Many women regularly have more or less severe menstrual cramps before, during or after menstruation. In addition to physical and mental fatigue, nervousness, irritability, moodiness spasmodic pain in the abdomen and nausea are symptoms that you may suffer from. Affected women often feel uncomfortable and unbalanced. Often, everyday life becomes a torment, and effective work is hard to imagine. The CBD Aroma Care Oil Relaxing Menstruation has been specially developed for women who have regular discomfort.

This high-quality CBD for menstrual pain is completely compliant with EU regulations.

Apply the oil with a gentle massage on the lower abdominal area which will not only nourish the skin, but also offers great relief of pain through the fragrance release of the essential oils providing a pleasant feeling of relaxation which together with the added benefits of CBD will also help to reduce any pain caused by menstruation.

How can I buy Menstrual pain by Osiris online?

You can buy the Menstrual pain by Osiris here in our online CBD store. Simply select the quantity of items you wish to purchase above and click on “Add to cart”. The items will be added to your shopping cart and you can continue adding more CBD products, or go directly to the payment.

To which countries can Menstrual pain by Osiris be delivered?

We currently deliver throughout Europe. Place your order today and in a few days you can enjoy one of the best quality CBD creams available in the world today.

What is the delivery time of the Menstrual pain by Osiris?

The delivery time of our Menstrual pain by Osiris depends on your location. Usually, we ship to all of Spain in 3-5 days and to the rest of Europe in 5-7 days. Before confirming your purchase in our online CBD store, you will be provided with different delivery options and you will be asked to select the delivery time and the price of your choice.

What payment options are available to buy Menstrual pain by Osiris online?

We offer secure payment by credit card through Servired / RedSys.

Is CBD legal in the European Union?

All hemp used in the production of Canalanza CBD products comes from certified seeds by the EU. Cultivation of hemp in the European Union is legally permitted by not exceeding the limits in the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of 0,2% established by the European Union, in the Regulation (EU) No. 1307 / 2013 of the European Parliament and of the 17 Council of December 2013.

What are the ingredients of Menstrual pain by Osiris?

This aromatherapie oil is made with a special blend of organic black cumin oil, St. John´s wort, almond oil, jojoba combined with other essential oils and CBD ectracts.

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