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Discover our New Cosmetic Line

24K Gold cream, Anti-aging cream with Caviar Pearls, Hyaluron Cream, Regenerating Cream with Donkey Milk, Shampoo Aconditioner & Regenerator

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Canalanza Ecologic CBD Study Centre

We at Canalanza Ecologic CBD STUDY  CENTRE in Lanzarote, elaborate our own CBD products. Canalanza is a company composed of a team of people who for ten years have been working to offer our members top quality products and service, which can help them improve their day-to-day quality of life, as well as offer them a social leisure space.


Natural and Ecological Products

It is for Canalanza a privilege to be able to offer its special clients a range of products achieved in a totally Natural and Ecological way, both in the production and in the elaboration:

100% Natural CBD OIL:

Canalanza is proud to have managed to elaborate after years of hard work our CBD Oil at a 20%.

It´s also used in multiple pioneering countries for research as an experimental treatment, being able to combat various ailments given its broad health benefits.

100% Natural CBD Creams:

Made from hemp, shea butter, olive oil and natural extracts, they can be very effective for pain, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases

CBD Store

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CBD elaborated with Volcanic Plants. Elaborated in the Canaries.
UK & Europe shipping. Free Shipping on orders from 50€

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We are here to help you. Any questions about our CBD Natural Products? Feel free to contact to our friendly staff.

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