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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Chronic Thraumatic Encephalopathy.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative brain disease found in people who experience frequent brain traumas. This is not just full-blown concussion; this also includes asymptomatic subconcussive strokes that offer no symptoms after the trauma. Repeated brain trauma can cause progressive degeneration in brain tissue, as well as an accumulation in a protein called tau. These changes can begin in a few months, but can also take decades from the last trauma to begin to develop.

CTE symptoms

Common symptoms of CTE include:
-Alterations in the trial
-Problem of impulse control
-Suggestions of suicide
-Progressive Dementia

Currently, there are no treatment options for ETC. At this time, it is about preventive measures. But as studies continue to show how good CBD is for the brain and the lesions that occur, CBD oil could be the future of ETC treatments because of its neurogenesis properties.

Research has shown that once cannabinoid receptors are activated through binding with endocannabinoids, they provide protection to the brain. Because CBD elevates these endocannabinoids, it can help make the protection more effective. CBD oil also activates the 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor that has been shown to have neuroprotective effects when activated. Some studies have even suggested that CBD can reduce the death of brain cells after administration.

Researchers believe that people who have depression have brain damage to the medial prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. Studies have shown that CBD oil can raise the chemicals that are lacking in people with depression, as well as elevate a chemical called BDNF that helps with growth and brain repair. The best part is that scientists believe that CBD could be a fast-acting antidepressant, which is an exciting discovery for those looking for something that works quickly.

The hippocampus also plays a role in controlling impulses. With damage in this area, it can be harder for someone to control themselves. Considering that cannabidiol can help with the damage done to the hippocampus, it can also help with impulse control.

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