How CBD can help for Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria.

The discovery of antibiotics in 1928 was nothing less than a revolution in the health industry. The production and use of such antibiotics were already increasing rapidly towards the end of World War II. However, such excessive consumption of these medications has greatly changed today’s scenario.

According to the recent report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). About half of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary in the United States of America. According to another report from the World Health Organization (WHO). The impact of such excessive consumption of antibiotics is catastrophic, to say the least. Common bacteria are now evolving and generating resistance against a large number of commonly used antibiotics.

How can CBD help?

Statistics state that at least 2 million Americans suffer an infection with antibiotic resistance each year. According to the estimate, at least 23,000 of those victims have died due to this.

If the problem isn´t solved properly, the number of deaths will surely increase in the coming years. However, the good news is that nature already has an answer for us when it comes to bacteria and drug-resistant infections.

Thanks to the research carried out by British and Italian researchers of CBD against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it has now been shown that CBD, a component found in the cannabis plant, has a built-in capacity to fight against those bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, medicines and, therefore, is highly effective as a cure for such infections.

At least six of the main resistant bacteria have been tested against CBD and, fortunately, in all cases, CBD oil proved to be much more effective against those antibiotic resistant bacteria than any other drug available in pharmacies. Scientists declared it as the very purpose of cannabis in nature.

Taking into account the information mentioned above, it will not be a mistake to conclude that CBD has now shown to be an effective strategy against a large number of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. So there you have it, now you know how CBD can help for Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria.

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