When was CBD Discovered?

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Let’s take a look at when CBD was discovered.

CBD has received a lot of attention in the medical cannabis world for its ability to play a healing role for many different types of people suffering from many different types of diseases. In certain parts of the world, CBD is being prescribed for those with epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and even depression.

 CBD is being prescribed for those with epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and even depression

It is not surprising when we look at the list of analgesic properties CBD can offer. Depression, nausea and pain are the types of symptoms that occur along the course of many different types of diseases. The ability of CBD to alleviate these symptoms is what makes it an effective medicine for many people.

When was CBD discovered?

Medical cannabis usually prescribed as a supplement to other more conventional forms of treatment. Probably because it does not interfere much and does not provide many negative side effects (if any). Although we have not been using it for a long time CBD is showing great potential to patients. Who are suffering without any relief from conventional medicine.

Many of us are more familiar with THC than with CBD, and for that reason we believe it originated first. The truth is that we have been isolating some of the different cannabis compounds since the 1800s, and we isolated CBD before THC.


CBD was isolated and named in 1939 by Roger Adams. Whom had a great affinity for organic chemistry and worked at the University of Illinois. This discovery was not as remotely detailed as that made by Raphael Mechoulam in 1963. Where the chemical structure of CBD was finally revealed. Through this knowledge, the following year, Mechoulam along with Yechiel Gaoni discovered. And isolated the most famous part of cannabis we know, THC.

During the prohibition of cannabis, it became more common to produce it because of its psychoactive effects. This effectively caused CBD levels to decrease in recreational cannabis, and in some places, it virtually disappeared. It found in larger quantities in the hemp plant compared to the recreational cannabis. Although it could be, find even at higher levels in new strains specific for CBD.

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In general, CBD disappeared from the public radar. However, in the 2000s, the British company GW Pharmaceuticals focused on creating CBD-rich strains. This marks the beginning of a difficult modern situation to bring CBD back to the medical focus.

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