CBD and Dreams
CBD and Dreams

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Let’s look at CBD and Dreams. The sleep cycle has several stages, but probably the best known stages are deep sleep (or slow wave sleep). Also, and REM sleep. It is said that the brain is more active in REM sleep, so it is also suspected that most dreams occur during this stage. While REM sleep is important to achieve in the effort to complete the sleep cycle. Compared to slow wave sleep, it usually does not get as much attention. Deep sleep is considered the most important stage [in the sleep cycle] to repair and restore the body. Therefore, when people lack sleep, the brain seems to prioritize slow wave sleep over REM sleep to take care of all the maintenance of the body while at rest.

CBD and THC have been investigated and have been shown to decrease the frequency of REM sleep by increasing the duration of slow wave sleep. This is the reason why it is often prescribed for people who do not sleep well. Because the body needs to be in slow wave sleep for a longer time to be able to repair it completely. However, because CBD and THC encourage more time in slow wave sleep. The sleeper spends less time in REM sleep, therefore, less time with the open ability to dream. Because you do not want so many psychoactive effects in the process of going to sleep. Higher percentages of CBD with little or no amount of THC would be beneficial.

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In many cases of nightmares or night terrors, the lack of time in REM sleep is extremely beneficial. A great advantage is that cannabis users experience a much easier time to fall asleep, however, CBD oils also benefit the process of falling asleep, while absent and even counteract the psychoactive effects of THC on the sleeper, leaving more time in slow wave sleep. There are still possibilities of sleep in slow wave sleep, but the decrease in sleep and the memory of dreams is due to the smaller amount of time spent in REM sleep caused by CBD and THC.

There has also been an observable “rebound effect” when regular cannabis users stop using cannabis before going to bed. Resulting in a significant increase in REM sleep and very vivid dreams. So, although CBD and THC can make you spend more time in slow wave sleep and less time in REM sleep, there is a result of an increase in REM sleep and later a memory of sleep when CBD and THC stop being used. This rebound effect is essentially the way the brain compensates for the amount of time that is spent outside REM. A similar effect was discussed earlier with patients deprived of sleep. Who spend too much time outside of slow-wave sleep, the brain compensates and reprioritises the sleep cycle. This “rebound effect” is not exclusive to cannabis, but occurs with many other substances that interfere with regular sleep patterns.

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