CBD and how it affects Men and Women

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Let’s look at CBD and how it affects men and women.

Yes, CBD affects men and women differently, especially if we consider that men and women have different hormones, different chemical constitutions, different genetic compositions and many other different factors.

How does CBD affect men

The endocannabinoid system can be found in many integral tissues that are related to male reproduction. ECS and cannabinoid receptors can also be found in sperm and testicular tissue, and are present in the region of the brain that helps trigger the release of pre-reproductive pituitary hormones. It also known that CBD has a positive effect on testosterone and on the levels of prolactin and cortisol in men. In short, all this means is that CBD contributes to a man’s reproductive health.

However, when it comes to the male libido, the effects of CBD can be a bit complicated. CBD can act as an aphrodisiac that may not have a lasting effect on a man. There is evidence that CBD can cause an increase in testosterone levels and this, in turn, improves the male libido. But after some time, it can cause a slight drop in testosterone levels, and with this, the libido also falls. This means that there is a relatively small window when men would want to have sex. Assuming that he already has a problem in this area.

On the other hand, CBD can relieve anyone’s pain and can generally lift the mood. So, for men who suffer from impotence or for those who suffer pain, and do not feel like having sex as a result, CBD may be the answer.

The effect of the CBD on women.

The properties of the CBD analgesic can give women pain relief related to menstruation, such as headache, menstrual cramps and back pain.

CBD also has positive effects on women’s estrogen levels. Estrogen works with endocannabinoids to stabilize mood and emotional response. Naturally, a drop in estrogen levels could also result in a drop in endocannabinoid levels, resulting in depression, anxiety and a general feeling of pessimism. However, it had discovered that CBD can mitigate feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression, and can help regulate a woman’s mood. CBD is also very effective when estrogen levels have skyrocketed and begin to decline, one or two days before ovulation.

CBD is also effective in the treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of female death related to cancer. This is supported by the US National Cancer Institute, which has recognized that CBD is a powerful agent against cancer. In addition, the American Association for Cancer Research wrote that CBD inflicts programmed cell death in breast cancer cells.

In addition, it improves the libido or the sexual desire of women. This is again associated with the role played by CBD in the estrogen-endocannabinoid relationship. A slight increase in estrogen levels with low doses of CBD may result in an increase in female sexual desire. However, high doses of CBD may have the opposite effect on romantic mood.

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