How CBD can help for Your Sex Life

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for your sex life.

Studies show that 52% of men under 60-experience erectile dysfunction and 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Multiple variables can affect one’s potency and sexual performance, whether related to stress, self-confidence issues, associated pain or related performance.

CBD can help with problems related to sex. Pain´s cited as the main cause of a bad sex life. Pain includes those caused by fibromyalgia, migraines and injuries to the joints and back. CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammations in the muscles. In addition, CBD is analgesic, effective in reducing pain, makes one more comfortable to participate in sexual activity.

Our central nervous system has two mechanisms that interact to get us in the mood. The Sexual Arousal System (SAS) drives our sexual desire. The Sexual Inhibition System (SIS) is the stop signal that activates when problems occur. Stress, anxiety and self-confidence can be an important factor in sexual performance. Many experience a change in the sex drive during times of stress, confusion and anxiety, and find it difficult to concentrate or participate in sexual activity. CBD has anxiolytic properties, decreasing the effects of stress and anxiety, allowing people to be present and relaxed.

So how does CBD work?

Cannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors, CB1 receptors are involved in general euphoria and tactile sensations. It has been observed that taking CBD before sexual activity can lead to a more intense and prolonged pleasure. In addition, CBD affects the perception of time, which results in longer sessions. A study in 2016 confirmed, “Using cannabis created instant excitement.” More than 70 percent also reported that pre-consumption led to greater pleasure and satisfaction. “

It has been observed that taking CBD before sexual activity can lead to a more intense and prolonged pleasure.

In addition, it´s reported that CBD has some anecdotal benefits, including stronger orgasms in men, women have less difficulty reaching orgasm, and both men and women claim to be receptive to desire and have a deeper connection with their partners. CBD oil for sex can improve communication between couples, facilitate bonds and sensuality, improve sexual performance and help to regain a happy sexual life.

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