How CBD can help for Bursitis
How CBD can help for Bursitis

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Let´s look at how CBD can help for Bursitis. Bursitis is a painful condition in which the bags, or sacs filled with fluid around the joints swell. Bags are important for proper joint function, as they help them move comfortably while cushioning tendons, bones and ligaments as they move. Bursitis can go away on its own, but a bursitis attack can cause pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and mobility problems.

Bursitis is usually the result of excessive use of a joint, but it can also be caused by trauma. Even bending or kneeling on hard surfaces for a prolonged period may increase the risk of bursitis. People who are in poor health, have a poor posture or live a sedentary life are at greater risk of bursitis. In addition, people who are very active, such as athletes are also prone to the condition. In some cases, even an infection can cause bursitis.


CBD is an affordable and natural alternative to conventional medications and treatments used to treat a variety of conditions, including bursitis. You do not have the risk of harmful side effects like those you get with other conventional medications.

The chronic pain that is felt with bursitis can be a disabling condition that affects all aspects of your life. You can do simple tasks such as tying your shoes, buttoning your shirt and brushing your hair are challenging. Because of your constant battle against pain, you may begin to feel depressed.

CBD can significantly relieve your chronic pain and other symptoms, as well as improve your quality of life. It is an effective and much safer option for treatment.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem conducted research that found that patients using CBD products could decrease the number of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs they use. NSAIDs can have numerous side effects that can be potentially harmful and further complicate their problems related to bursitis. The researchers found that CBD contained as many anti-inflammatory qualities as the drug “indomethacin”, but it did not have the same gastrointestinal side effects. Making CBD a better option to treat the symptoms of bursitis, since in addition to reducing inflammation and chronic pain, it also helps you to combat the depression associated with the condition and without the side effects that anti-inflammatory medications can cause. depressants available in the market.

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