How CBD can help for Intractable skeletal muscular spasticity

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Intractable Skeletal Muscular Spasticity.

Intractable skeletal muscle spasticity is a rare condition that causes a person’s muscles to contract continuously. The contracted muscles cause a feeling of stiffness, which makes the use of those muscles difficult. The contracted muscles also lead to an increase in incidents of muscle spasms or exaggerated reactions of sudden reflexes, which are all involuntary.

Intractable skeletal muscle spasticity is a condition that develops because of some other type of primary condition that affects the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. These conditions cause damage to motor neurons, which are responsible for muscle movement and contraction. Because spasticity is caused by damage from another injury or disease. Muscle spasticity´s generally considered a “sequelae” condition, which means it is a complication of a previous condition.

Intractable skeletal muscle spasticity, as the name implies, is intractable. Therefore, we can´t stop the symptoms of intractable skeletal muscle spasticity. However, we can manage them in the long term. It is a condition that can affect the patient’s ability to walk, move and even talk, as well as perform regular daily activities.

How can CBD help?

Patients will experience different types of symptoms depending on what is the underlying cause of their spasticity. Some common symptoms of muscle spasticity include:
– Increased muscle tone.
– Unconscious involuntary muscles (contractions and relaxation).
– Extended muscle contractions (dystonia)
Muscular contractions that affect the legs and arms.

Because conventional treatments are somewhat limited for patients with intractable skeletal muscle spasticity, alternative therapies such as CBD are a very welcome treatment approach among patients who have had the disease for a long time. Several studies have conducted on the use of CBD to relieve the symptoms of muscle spasticity. Anecdotal evidence collected on the subject of CBD for intractable skeletal muscle spasticity has shown that some patients experience significant relief of their symptoms when using CBD products. Research in this area goes back at least 30 years.

In 1982, 43 people surveyed to see how CBD affected their muscle spasticity. Each of these individuals suffered muscle spasticity as a result of spinal cord injuries. Twenty-one of them said that CBD reduced their muscle spasticity.

A study conducted 15 years later had 112 participants. The information provided by the participants referred to the spasticity of the skeletal muscle and the pain that it often entails. Almost all reported a reduction in skeletal muscle spasticity and related pain.

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