How CBD can help Slow-down Nervous System Degeneration
How CBD can help to slow down nervous system degeneration

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Let´s look at how CBD can help Slow-down Nervous System Degeneration. Recent studies show promising results that CBD has the ability to slow neurodegeneration. This not only refers to the side effects of the daily stress that we all suffer. It also means that CBD is an effective therapeutic aid in diseases caused by neurodegeneration.

Neurodegeneration refers to conditions that affect neurons in the human brain. Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system and don´t have the ability to reproduce like red blood cells. This means that the human body cannot replace cells in the nervous system naturally once they´re damaged.

So how does CBD help?

Examples of diseases caused by neurodegeneration include Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. These diseases are incurable and gradually worsens over time, as far as patients can no longer take care of themselves.

Because CBD is neuroprotective, it helps reduce damage to the brain and nervous system. Oxidative stress caused by ischemia, traumatic shock or autoimmune and genetic disorders can cause temporary or permanent neuronal damage. However, studies have shown that CBD is able to protect against this damage and improve recovery. This implies that CBD promotes the longevity of nerve cells, which in turn promotes anti-aging throughout our body.

For example, a study completed in 2013 concluded that CBD exerts strong neuroprotective effects in hypoxic-ischemic piglets; harmonizing excitotoxicity, oxidative stress and inflammation and that both CB₂ receptors and 5HT, (1A) receptors are involved in these effects.

Both endocannabinoid receptors, as in humans, play a role in maintaining homeostatic balance. Being in a homeostatic state helps our endocannabinoid system emulate pain management, immune response, appetite, energy regulation, mood and memory.

These are just some of the functions that the endocannabinoid system administers. This demonstrates the unspeakable support that CBD has throughout our body, whether it´s taken for medicinal purposes or only as a daily supplement.

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