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Let’s look at how CBD can help as a Reuptake Inhibitor.

How does CBD, an exogenous compound of the Cannabis plant, get into a human cell to join a nuclear receptor? First of all, it has to pass through the cell membrane by hooking with a fatty acid binding protein (FABP). Which serves as a companion of several lipid molecules to the interior of the cell. These intracellular transport molecules also accompany tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the brain’s own molecules (which resemble those of cannabis). The endocannabinoids anandamide and 2AG, through the membrane to various targets within the cell. CBD and THC modulate receptors on the surface of the mitochondria and the nucleus.

How CBD can help as a Reuptake Inhibitor?

It turns out that cannabidiol has a strong affinity for three types of FABPs, and competes with our endocannabinoids. Which are fatty acids, for the same transport molecules. Once inside the cell, anandamide is disintegrated by FAAH, a metabolic enzyme, as part of its natural molecular life cycle. But CBD interferes with this process by reducing the access of anandamide to the FABP transport molecules. Consequently, it delaying the endocannabinoid passage to the interior of the cell.

 CBD increases the levels of adenosine in the brain

CBD functions as an inhibitor of anandamide reuptake and decomposition. So thus increasing endocannabinoid levels in brain synapses. The improvement of endocannabinoid tone through the inhibition of reuptake. It may be a key mechanism by which CBD confers neuroprotective effects against seizures, as well as many other health benefits.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiolytic effects of CBD they are partly attributable to their inhibition of adenosine reuptake. By delaying the reuptake of this neurotransmitter, CBD increases the levels of adenosine in the brain. Which increases the activity of adenosine receptors. The adenosine A1A and A2A receptors play an important role in cardiovascular function. They regulating myocardial oxygen consumption and coronary blood flow. Therefore these receptors have certainly extensive anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.another

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