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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Acne.

Acne is a term that encompasses a series of dermatological problems. This includes blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and even cysts. It is one of the most common skin problems in the world. It happens when the secretions of the skin clog the pores, which occurs especially in the adolescent years. Other factors such as genetics, diet, hormones, menstruation, stress and certain medications can play a role in oil production. Acne´s characterized by the sprouting of pimples, pimples and white spots, which appear on the face, neck and back. Typical treatments include oral antibiotics that can be stressful for the body or creams that are quite expensive.

If not treated, it can leave scars and is a very common factor of depression among young people.

The increase in hormonal activity during adolescence is a trigger factor. If not treated, it can leave scars and is a very common factor of depression among young people. Because of this, for many years the market has been flooded with cleaning, hydrating or exfoliating products to combat or prevent acne.

Dr. Tamás Bíró in 2013 tested CBD for acne and reported, “When I applied non-psychoactive CBD to these skin cells, I noticed that the production of oils stopped”.

The Studies.

In 2014, the JCI (Journal of Clinical Investigation) observed that CBD regulates the production of skin fat and inhibits the production of lipids in skin cells. This means that, unlike many anti-acne products, CBD will not affect physiology or dehydrate the skin.

It has been shown that the endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout the skin. It is responsible for controlling the balance and general well-being of cells, it also has receptors scattered throughout our body, brain and central nervous system influencing various physiological processes. So much so that it has been shown that the sebaceous glands (responsible for secreting oils in the hair follicles) contain cannabinoid receptors. This means that cannabinoids interact with these glands, affecting their normal functioning.

Another study was also carried out that analyzed the relationship between CBD and the skin through a chemical procedure. To the surprise of the researchers, 100% of the participants noticed an improvement after only 14 days. It is extremely rare to find a study with a success rate of 100%, even with small samples.

CBD oil is becoming relevant as one of the best food supplements and as an alternative treatment for people suffering from a series of problems, including dermatological ones. This is mainly due to its anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effect. Replenishing our endocannabinoid system with CBD could be the answer for the millions of people suffering from acne each year.

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