How CBD can help for Septicaemia

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for septicaemia.

Septicemia is a serious infection of the bloodstream. Doctors also call it blood poisoning and bacteremia. It occurs when different parts of your body, such as the skin or lungs, develop a bacterial infection that enters the bloodstream. When this happens, it is dangerous, since your bloodstream can carry toxins and bacteria throughout the body.

Sepsis and septicemia are not technically the same, although they are closely related and people use the terms indistinctly sometimes. Sepsis is a complication of septicemia and involves inflammation in your body. Inflammation can prevent oxygen from reaching the organs and causing organ failure. It can also cause blood clots. In other words, septicemia is the infection, while sepsis is the body’s inflammatory response to infection.

The symptoms of septicemia tend to start quite fast. Even in the early stages of the condition, you can look incredibly sick. The initial symptoms you may experience include fever, chills, rapid heart rate and very rapid breathing.

You are likely to experience more severe symptoms as untreated septicemia progresses. These severe symptoms include nausea and vomiting, confusion, shock, reduced urine volume and red spots on the skin.


Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to treat the septicemia that causes the bacterial infection. Doctors often do not have enough time to determine what type of bacteria is causing the infection. Because of this, they usually begin by prescribing “broad spectrum” antibiotics, which fight a wide variety of bacteria at the same time. If they determine the exact bacteria, they will prescribe a more specific antibiotic.

Doctors often do not have enough time to determine what type of bacteria is causing the infection.

The doctor may give you other medications intravenously to prevent the formation of blood clots and maintain blood pressure. You will also get fluids and probably an oxygen respirator or mask if you have difficulty breathing due to your septicemia.

Your endocannabinoid system helps regulate physiological functions, particularly your immune system. He shows promise by participating in the development of new treatments for sepsis. In fact, scientists have found that manipulating the endocannabinoid system can save patients’ lives.

Many studies also found that CBD is an effective antiemetic therapy to relieve nausea and vomiting more effectively than other medications, and without the harmful side effects. Along with pain and inflammation, nausea is among the three main symptoms of septicemia that CBD treats effectively.

Chronic pain is often so debilitating that patients generally seek strong narcotic opiates for relief. However, these medications are not only highly addictive, they are also toxic. The use of CBD to relieve chronic pain is a much safer and more effective treatment than opioids.

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