How CBD can help for incontinence

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Incontinence.

Incontinence or overactive bladder (VH) occurs when the muscles of the bladder begin to contract involuntarily. It is a condition with many causes, ranging from the normal effects of aging, infection, bladder abnormalities and even neurological disorders. Research shows that, the human body has many cannabinoid receptors. In comparison with CB1 receptors, the distribution of CB2 receptors is limited. It is recommending to treat both neurogenic and non-neurogenic bladder problems.

In addition, the presence of cannabinoid receptors is reported in the pons and other regions of the brain, which control the process of urination. Also, the researchers believe that improvements in urinary urgency, without increased urinary volumes. Could be due to the direct action of cannabis in the mechano-sensory suburothelial apparatus. It is worth noting that these benefits are not evident in conventional therapeutic drugs.

How can CBD help?

The use of CBD can have an effect on bladder contractility, relaxing the muscles and reducing incontinence. In a study involving 112 patients with MS, there was a response of 64 percent, 55 percent and 59 percent improvement in urinary urgency, incontinence and urination problems. In addition to incontinence, patients reported an improvement in other non-urinary symptoms as well. Compared with conventional medications, the only side effect of using CBD as an alternative was the occurrence of a dry mouth. So now you know how CBD can help for incontinence, you can tell all of your friends about it. The next time they have problems.

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