How CBD can help for Focal Neuropathy

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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Focal Neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a condition in which one or more nerves are injured, which causes problems in the nervous system. In focal neuropathy, only a few nerves are injuring, limiting the resulting symptoms to a small area of the body. In general, focal neuropathies occur in the hand, head, torso or leg, which produces different symptoms depending on the location. The most common symptoms of focal neuropathy include; pain, loss of motor function and sensitivity.

Any of these symptoms can be debilitating for patients if they persist long enough. Although focal neuropathies that do not involve trapped nerves may disappear over time without treatment. Which often persists, makes the treatment necessary for the patient to lead a normal life.

The use of CBD products for focal neuropathy can have the following benefits for patients:

Pain management: focal neuropathy often leads to tenderness and pain in the affected parts of the body. While opiates have historically helped patients control this pain, their side effects have proven problematic. Although some studies have suggested that opioids are more effective in pain management in general than CBD. Also, CBD offers pain relief without the horrible side effects provided by opioids.

How can CBD help?

A study in the Journal of Pain, studied the analgesic effects of CBD for patients with spinal cord injury and found that the treatment significantly improved their pain. It has also been discovered that CBD provides relief from HIV-related neuropathy, CRPS and nerve injuries. Pharmaceutical companies are also looking for the possibilities of synthetic cannabinoids as analgesics, especially for neuropathic pain. Research has already shown that the synthetic oral cannabinoid Nabilone is an effective treatment option for neuropathy. And the preliminary results of the Sativex drug show promising results in the treatment of pain and sleep quality.

Neuroprotection: for patients suffering from focal neuropathy as a result of another condition, such as diabetes or HIV, the possible neuroprotective qualities of CBD are particularly attractive. One study showed that CBD could play a role as a neuroprotector, finding that rats that ingested CBD had a unique neuroprotective response after the substance activated its CB1 and CB2 receptors, helping them to recover quickly from neurological damage.

In addition, another experiment in diabetic mice suggested that treatment with CBD. At the onset of diabetes had long-lasting neuroprotective benefits and could prevent people with diabetes from experiencing symptoms of neuropathic pain at all. While researchers have not yet replicated any of these studies with human subjects, both show potential for the future of CBD research and drug development. This is ow CBD can help for Focal Neuropathy.

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