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Let’s look at how CBD can help for Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a continuous neurological disorder in which the patient struggles to regulate their own sleep cycles. They feel extremely fatigued during the day and can fall asleep during a normal task, from a few minutes to several minutes. During this brief episode of sleep, the patient also experiences cataplexy, which is when a person loses muscle strength, his jaw loosens and his limbs weaken. Cataplexy can be induced by strong emotions such as sadness or laughter. Some people with narcolepsy may have hallucinations when they fall asleep or when they wake up. People with narcolepsy get the same number of hours of sleep as people who sleep “normally”. But their sleep is shared during the day and night, so their health suffers terribly.

How can CBD help?

It has been discovered that CBD has energizing properties that keep the user alert, as long as the dose is correct. CBD is a non-psychotic cannabinoid that also relieves stress and anxiety, but keeps the body and brain alert.

CBD can help restore wakefulness patterns during the day, while regulating emotional responses

CBD helps improve the consistency of the cycle in which the patient is awake to be alert for longer periods of time. Scientists are discovering that CBD cooperates with many endocannabinoid receptors, proteins and other chemicals in the brain. These relationships cause changes in the way cells in the brain and body, neurotransmitters and hormones work and respond. Therefore, CBD can help restore wakefulness patterns during the day, while regulating emotional responses. And recognition of the body to pain, inflammation and convulsions.

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